Dear Partners,

as you already know, due to the Covid 19 pandemic that has been ongoing since the beginning of 2020, many countries have carried out new security practices  in the quarantine period firstly, and then normalization process as of January.

Many sectors, especially the aviation and tourism sector, have been negatively affected by this process all around the world. During this period, we have adopted many different habits into our lives and we have been in a close contact especially with the digital world. Out of the blue, we have been introduced to the concept of “online”. Before pandemic, perhaps many of us used to prefer online services only for transactions such as banking transactions or buying flight tickets, but then, we suddenly found ourselves doing the groceries shopping online.  Our children began to receive online training on TV or computers, and we started to hold our company meetings online.

Even without a pandemic, now we know that digitalism is a fact of the time we are in. In fact, there are many advantages of digital world that make our lives easier, but no matter what we are social beings as a human. This is in our nature. Human beings have always existed as a social beings since thousands of years before and now and will continue to do so…
As the Continental Travel Show team, we have decided to continue our events  in the format that we have as usual. Knowing that face-to-face interviews give the most effective results, we have decided not to make changes in our events. Of course, while taking this decision, we have taken all necessary precautions to provide the safest meetings. We would like to share the measures we have taken; 
  • All our events are held in facilities that have Safe Tourism Certificate.
  • 15m2 area is assigned for each table stand in the workshop hall.
  • In B2B meetings, the seating plan is arranged with a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • The after party in Istanbul is held in venues that will will be able to provide 5m2 area per person.
  • The excursion program in Istanbul is planned as an outdoor activity.
  • The afterparty in Abu Dhabi will be organised as an open-air sunset party. There will be no social distance problem.
As Continental Travel Show,  first of all, we wish our valuable exhibitors and buyers healthy days, and we look forward to meeting you once again.
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